The traceback module contains functionality similar to Python's traceback module.

JSON Traceback Objects

Tracebacks are stored in JSON format. The stack is represented as an array in which the most recent stack frame is the last element; each element thus represents a stack frame and has the following keys:

filename The name of the file that the stack frame takes place in.
lineNo The line number is being executed at the stack frame.
funcName The name of the function being executed at the stack frame, or null if the function is anonymous or the stack frame is being executed in a top-level script or module.

See nsIException for more information.

API Reference



Attempts to extract the traceback from exception.

exception : exception

exception where exception is an nsIException.

Returns: traceback

JSON representation of the traceback or null if not found.


Returns: JSON

Returns the JSON representation of the stack at the point that this function is called.


Given a JSON representation of the stack or an exception instance, returns a formatted plain text representation of it, similar to Python's formatted stack tracebacks. If no argument is provided, the stack at the point this function is called is used.

[ tbOrException : object ]