The runtime module provides access to information about Firefox's runtime environment. All properties exposed are read-only.

For more information, see nsIXULRuntime.

API Reference


inSafeMode : boolean

This value is true if Firefox was started in safe mode, otherwise false.

OS : string

A string identifying the current operating system. For example, . "WINNT", "Darwin", or "Linux". See OS_TARGET for a more complete list of possible values.

processType : long

The type of the caller's process, which will be one of these constants:

Constant Value Description
PROCESS_TYPE_DEFAULT 0 The default (chrome) process.
PROCESS_TYPE_PLUGIN 1 A plugin subprocess.
PROCESS_TYPE_CONTENT 2 A content subprocess.
PROCESS_TYPE_IPDLUNITTEST 3 An IPDL unit testing subprocess.

widgetToolkit : string

A string identifying the target widget toolkit in use.

XPCOMABI : string

A string identifying the ABI of the current processor and compiler vtable. This string takes the form <processor>-<compilerABI>, for example: "x86-msvc" or "ppc-gcc3".