The notifications module allows you to display transient, toaster-style desktop messages to the user.

This API supports desktop notifications on Windows, OS X using Growl, and Linux using libnotify. If the user's system does not support desktop notifications or if its notifications service is not running, then notifications made with this API are logged to Firefox's error console and, if the user launched Firefox from the command line, the terminal.


Here's a typical example. When the message is clicked, a string is logged to the console.

var notifications = require("notifications");
  title: "Jabberwocky",
  text: "'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves",
  data: "did gyre and gimble in the wabe",
  onClick: function (data) {
    // console.log( would produce the same result.

This one displays an icon that's stored in the add-on's data directory. (See the self module documentation for more information.)

var notifications = require("notifications");
var self = require("self");
var myIconURL ="myIcon.png");
  text: "I have an icon!",
  iconURL: myIconURL

API Reference



Displays a transient notification to the user.

options : object

An object with the following keys. Each is optional.

[ title : string ]

A string to display as the message's title.

[ text : string ]

A string to display as the body of the message.

[ iconURL : string ]

The URL of an icon to display inside the message. It may be a remote URL, a data URI, or a URL returned by the self module.

[ onClick : function ]

A function to be called when the user clicks the message. It will be passed the value of data.

[ data : string ]

A string that will be passed to onClick.