Provides an exemplar EventTarget object, that implements interface for adding removing event listeners of a specific type. EventTarget is a base of all objects in SDK on which events are emitted.


It's easy to create event target objects, no special arguments are required.

const { EventTarget } = require('api-utils/event/target');
let target =;

For a convenience though optional options arguments may be used, in which case all the function properties with keys like: onMessage, onMyEvent... will be auto registered for associated 'message', 'myEvent' events on the created instance. All other properties of options will be ignored.

Adding listeners

EventTarget interface defines on method, that can be used to register event listeners on them for the given event type:

target.on('message', function onMessage(message) {
  // Note: `this` pseudo variable is an event `target` unless
  // intentionally overridden via `.bind()`.

Sometimes event listener may care only about very first event of specific type. EventTarget interface defines convenience method for adding one shot event listeners via method once. Such listeners are called only once next time event of the specified type is emitted:

target.once('ready', function onReady() {
  // Do the thing once ready!

Removing listeners

EventTarget interface defines API for unregistering event listeners, via removeListener method:

target.removeListener('message', onMessage);

Emitting events

EventTarget interface intentionally does not defines an API for emitting events. In majority of cases party emitting events is different from party registering listeners. In order to emit events one needs to use event/core module instead:

let { emit } = require('api-utils/event/core');

target.on('hi', function(person) { console.log(person + 'tells hi'); });
emit(target, 'hi', 'Mark');
// info: 'Mark tells hi'

For more details see event/core documentation.

More details

Listeners registered during the event propagation (by one of the listeners) won't be triggered until next emit of the matching type:

let { emit } = require('api-utils/event/core');

target.on('message', function onMessage(message) {
  console.log('listener trigerred');
  target.on('message', function() {
    console.log('nested listener triggered');

emit(target, 'message');
// info: 'listener trigerred'
emit(target, 'message');
// info: 'listener trigerred'
// info: 'nested listener trigerred'

Exceptions in the listeners can be handled via 'error' event listeners:

target.on('boom', function() {
  throw Error('Boom!');
target.once('error', function(error) {
  console.log('caught an error: ' + error.message);
emit(target, 'boom');
// info: caught an error: Boom!

If there is no listener registered for error event or if it also throws exception then such exceptions are logged into a console.