This is currently an experimental API, so we might change it in future releases. In particular, we might make this the default style for certain pages loaded from "data".

With the Add-on SDK you can present information to the user, such as a guide to using your add-on, in a browser tab. You can supply the content in an HTML file in your add-on's "data" directory.

For pages like this, navigational elements such as the Awesome Bar, Search Bar, or Bookmarks Toolbar are not usually relevant and distract from the content you are presenting. The addon-page module provides a simple way to have a page which excludes these elements.

To use the module import it using require(). After this, the page loaded from "data/index.html" will not contain navigational elements:

var addontab = require("addon-page");
var data = require("self").data;


Example add-on page This only affects the page at "data/index.html": all other pages are displayed normally.