The console object enables your add-on to log messages. If you have started the host application for your add-on from the command line (for example, by executing cfx run or cfx test) then these messages appear in the command shell you used. If the add-on has been installed in the host application, then the messages appear in the host application's Error Console.

The console object has the following methods:

console.log(object[, object, ...])

Logs an informational message to the shell. Depending on the console's underlying implementation and user interface, you may be able to introspect into the properties of non-primitive objects that are logged.[, object, ...])

A synonym for console.log().

console.warn(object[, object, ...])

Logs a warning message.

console.error(object[, object, ...])

Logs an error message.

console.debug(object[, object, ...])

Logs a debug message.


Logs the given exception instance as an error, outputting information about the exception's stack traceback if one is available.


Logs a stack trace at the point this function is called.